EDEN WITHIN : The Infiltration Prototype

Eden Within: The Infiltration Prototype aims to bridge the gap between the ordinary, the taboo and the forbidden in orthodox Islamic culture. Presented in the form of an ethereal and scintillating trance dance using rarely seen light emitting diode technology to seemingly paint hypnotic patterns with Asian, Middle Eastern and World influences in thin air. While the performance and costume draws attention to the prohibited practices of dance and self expression by placing the sacred crescent of Islam using Swarovski crystals over the heart, the patterns sparkle and shine to bring light where there is darkness.

The Infiltration Prototype

The gripping story of a cyborg like creature woken up only to find that it has been given an objective, to deliver a message. Featuring a slow, prolonged and sensual theatrical introduction leading up to a fleeting euphoric climax. Eden Within : The Infiltration Prototype is an attempt at changing preconceptions about Islamic arts and dance... Forever.