Eden Within : A Stolen Identity

July 13, 2020

I am packing my bags and getting ready to leave this cruel place, I have no choice, my name does not serve me in this country and I was unable to find work while my real work kept getting defaced. With what I have learned from my experience, I can tell the path ahead is not going to be easy. I can no longer protect the people I Iove, partly because they do this to themselves and expect it to remain a secret. History is repeating itself and just the way I lost my scalp and face, many natives all across the world had lost theirs, many lost their leaders and had the wrong people put in their place. I refuse to shield them from this savage activity and I refuse to kneel at gun point. It is not intelligence, it is pure evil and I am not in the habit of devil worship anyway.


In the west, you will find all sorts of truth about terrorists, barbarians and savages. They tell blond jokes and tell the truth to their wife and kids when in reality, the people they call terrorists dare not put on a dress in London leave alone Saudi Arabia. We get threatened, defaced and beaten out of our costume systematically. When that is not enough, if there is more they persevere till you have nothing left. 


There is no such thing as a gentleman, none of these people are innocent as they all enjoy the fruits of their toxic work and thus they stand back to let it work for them. They take their time while we lose our battle completely having never bothered to try and reach us before they find us. From my bitter experience, and years spent promoting the Islamic feminist movement and being a voice for the community, I learned of the ways they were trying to help as compared to what they do to hold us back. And its an ugly truth... More than wanting to help the most vulnerable, they appear to be wanting to be the most vulnerable to try and protect themselves. Some how, they become the victim in all of this, not you. You can have all the bombs on Earth falling on you and all the guns pointed at you yet there will always be some one who is more innocent than you. They will kill you otherwise... They are trying to kill you and replace you with some one who works for them so they can claim to be innocent. They are not, they can kill all of us to be innocent yet they cannot be and I will not encourage this system. They cant eat the cake and have the cake at the same time. 


It is like having some one steal your identity and force another on you. I had this happen to me not long after Trump's presidency campaign, social media platforms were flooded with content from native Americans holding native American art ( photo shopped and plagiarized ) while they posted content meant to promote racial discord. Because their activity targeted Muslims and because it was my duty as an activist to identify the threats we face, I was able to find out that they were not natives, they were Caucasians posing as natives with the same image of a native holding a work of art ( the art being a different one photo shopped onto the image each time ). Not paying too much attention to their threats, I confronted them and people that were doing this sort of work in the UK, I lost my profiles with genuine art from the local community aimed at promoting and uniting the Islamic feminist movement. These people that have removed what is genuine, including my real profile have taken my identity and are doing to me what they did to the natives. 


It is a crying shame, one only needs to take a look at the quality of these deceptive photo shop jobs, it is against all moral principle. It is an insult to our collective intelligence. Those who scroll past it because it works for them are winners while those that notice it are at fault and to be blamed. 





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