Muslim Artists, Feminists And LGBTQA Activists: 2

June 5, 2020

Dear reader,


I hope this message finds you in good spirits and that you will continue to stay upbeat because I have been beaten and we need you to do what I was not allowed to do. Although I have feelings for the people doing this, I am not going to be able to keep things to myself in order to protect them because you are far too precious and we need you to complete your journey in one piece. I am afraid what I must say to protect you will hurt people and further destroy me yet I need to warn you if we are to succeed. Truth hurts those who live a lie and it cannot be helped... I am even having to fear attempting to guide you because it would mean taking matters into my own hands and I am not the one who should be guiding you, looking for you and trying to protect you. I am at a disadvantage here and do not have funds and every time some one like myself gets beaten, life favors them. I am afraid of trying to help you... Because they have not been doing enough and the more I try and help, they will hate me more. It hurts to think that even those who claim to be good would want me gone for this reason. I am endangering myself further by attempting to guide you because your safety and increasing your chances of success is top priority and nothing else matters.


Some of you maybe far too young, some maybe just coming of age and some may even be living life to the max by now and you may have noticed that there appears to be plenty of obstacles and not enough opportunity or support. Despite knowing that you are in grave danger, despite knowing that you are what the desert misses like the rain and despite knowing you are being targeted by criminals who wish to hold us back... We notice that there is no effort being made to keep you safe. As a Muslim feminist and LGBTQA activist, I am still waiting for an open call designed to seek us out and reach us before the criminals can find us... Yet it never happened and the criminals stayed one step ahead.


You are in grave danger because you are good, it only happens to the best of us. I would like to share these tips with you hoping you can learn from my mistakes. 


* Do not go to illegal rave parties or small intimate night clubs thinking you are flying under the radar. Any public space where your beauty can be seen must be avoided. Your inner beauty is what really gets you in trouble. You cannot hide this and once you are found, there is no escaping. Even on your worst days, chances are, because of who you are, what you represent and what you fight for... You will most likely be spotted from miles away. Please do not go. If you must go, go to a big club with friends that can draw the attention from you.


* Do not reveal your identity. You are most likely being discriminated against for being good. You maybe without a job that earns you plenty of money because you are not what they expect from a Muslim. You maybe left feeling like you have a better chance if you pretend to be stupid. Chances are you maybe left feeling you could have gotten the job they refused if you wore a head scarf. You may have a sweet and simple job working for your partner or you maybe without work because the system does not work for you unless you work for them. Your true self is not made to feel welcome, the progressive Muslim wanting to break the stereotype often never makes it through the door and is not being offered work. This system works for some people and they know it does not work for you... When they spot you as some one who is often over the moon when celebrating, their toxic nature draws them to you and they first need to know what you do for a living. They know you are being discriminated against and they are looking for something to bully you with...  Do not give them anything. Tell them a lie... Even if you have never taken a penny from the government, tell them you live off the government. Do not reveal your true identity and never let them know you are a Muslim activist or artist. Ever. They are not interested in you, they are trying to bring you down because even when the system takes care of everything for them, they are not able to enjoy themselves like you. These people are mentally unwell... Instead of learning what makes you happy so they can capture it, their nature is to try and destroy you and bring you down so that they can pretend they are over the moon when they are not. Once you draw in enough love and admiration, it soon becomes ugly and it does not take long for them to take an interest in you. They must not find you because we need you in one piece.


* Look for open calls. Open call for entries are rare and ones that you are eligible to apply for appear once in a blue moon. Avoid competitions as best as possible, you are not looking to compete, quite the opposite. Be wary of organisations that bring people together to seek out the most anti social and against unity characters they can find to promote them. Speak of them and their tactics. So often, they seek out the most anti social and selfish. If you partake in an exhibition meant to unite artists, yet the organizers highlight the work of the one artist who was most anti social in the group while the best ones could not make it to the show, talk about it. Write about it because the chosen one is not the right one and he/she is often not a good example of what the region has to offer. They are putting impostors in your place and they are showing people an impostor while claiming it is you. If there are no open calls, ask for them and question why we have no such calls. I would like my defeat to be part of your success, I was threatened, defaced, beaten out of my costume and defeated. Defeated without much opportunity and support while people claim we do no exist, so they can be at peace with the ongoing assault on Muslims and their increasing wealth. My defeat will effect you and if you are to be defeated, we all lose yet again and these people stand to gain each time we fall. Which could explain the lack of initiative in reaching out to us before they find us. They just need to ignore you and they get more money each time you feel scared, each time you feel threatened, each time you get attacked and each time we give up... They get more wealthy. You cannot afford it... You need to get going and seek more opportunities and even create them where there are none. Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad once said “In Iran, we do not have homosexuals like in your country.” They may not be coming up with open calls for Muslim feminists / LGBTQA artists from Muslim countries because we do not have them. Reach out to them, tell them not to listen to the Iranian president. Tell them you are here and that previous artists have had to quit with parts of their scalp and face missing and no funding, tell them it was far 'too much' for them, even when they were in Europe. 


* Do not try and protect these people. It will backfire on you. When you feel threatened, your first priority will most likely be to protect the people you love from any harm that might come to them if something happens to you. Shield those who are closest to you, do not do it. We need you more than they do. What hurts you, should be excruciatingly painful for them... Make sure it hurts. Remember, they get rich when you get hurt, we get more bombs, starvation and mistreated women. If you get defeated and you have to pass on your experience to the next one, yet you hesitate to speak the ugly truth because it will hurt these people... You still need to do it. Just do it...


* Do not fall in love with one of them. I am half Indian, half Maldivian and everything except Caucasian, I was trafficked here with laws imposed on us in places like India where it was sacred before it was made legal here. There are countless others from parts of the world where we have no choice but to come here for safety due to these laws. If you get attacked, you may not be able to recover if you love one of them and you will ultimately lose your fighting spirit. You can lie if you have to, do what ever it takes... Just do not fall head over heels in love. Do not trust your partner and begin your journey out in the open as an activist before you have established foothold. The fact that they have put laws in place causing conditions very similar to human trafficking works to their advantage, they use it to coerce, control and dominate us. If you begin your journey ahead of schedule, it can be used against you. To mistreat you even more knowing you can no longer return home. To threaten you with red tape murder if you do not accept the abuse.


To be continued...





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