Muslim Artists, Feminists And LGBTQA Activists

June 4, 2020

Dear reader,


If you are Muslim and you are reading this, you must be some one extra ordinary and you have your work cut out for you. No matter where you go, unless you choose a different name, your identity will not go unnoticed and even when you do, people can at least identify you as non Caucasian.  


Contrary to enforced popular belief, homophobia remains a mostly western concept imposed on many parts of the world, even in places where LGBTQA culture was once deemed sacred like in India. Although the Pride movement in the west began after a successful campaign to ban LGBTQA culture in many countries, this fact is often forgotten when faced with asylum seekers and immigrants seeking safe haven in the west. Living a stones throw away from India and taking merely 35 minutes by plane while we speak languages that share so much in common... These set backs we have suffered and the homophobia that thrived in the region during the colonial era are certain to be a factor on your journey.


If you flee the region for safety, you may be falling victim to human trafficking.  Although we finally managed to over turn the laws imposed on us in India on the 6th of September 2018... Homophobia still remains rampant today and activists continue to put their lives on the line to regain the respect we had already earned. Many of us wish to flee the region with a one way ticket for more safety, more opportunity and a better economy... They wear blue contact lenses to fit in, mock other foreigners because it makes them popular among the locals and they, given sufficient motivation, will literally do anything, including being a traitor to their own kind...  I would like you to stop blaming them and only think of yourself. You are not like them at all and I would like to share some tips with you to help you along your journey.


* Be very proud of who you are. Always keep your chin up because although they celebrate pride here having forgotten where it comes from while pretending you had not earned yours... You can always remind yourself that you have had your sacred rights stripped from you before those who celebrate it now knew what it was. Be very proud.


*Do not let any one make you feel ashamed, for any reason. No matter what it is, whether you are being bullied because of the color of your skin, your race or the amount of money you earn... You can always remind yourself that tanning salons are always popular, that Lord Buddha was Indian... Remind yourself that the only time nuclear weapons were used was on us. Remind yourself that this was during a war fought between western nations... At a time countless millions were made to starve in countries like India to feed the western army getting ready to nuke us as we were preparing for the space age ... Remind yourself that you have less money because we were looted dry, you just do not have centuries of genocide and looting to your advantage so...  Feel no shame. None. You are worth it and they will try extra hard to bully you and when this begins to happen, you can also remind them of these things so it is essential to be armed with this knowledge. 


* Be boss. Do not let any one try and get ahead of you or get on top of you, unless you enjoy it. If any one tries to pretend all high and mighty or acts more clever ... Laugh! Out loud!! This is another instance where you can, after a good laugh, remind them of where Pride comes from, say a few words in Japanese and simply have fun with it, this is very important, or they will pretend to be burdened with the weight of the entire world on their shoulders. I would like to say you are equal, yet because nuclear weapons were used on us when the war had nothing to do with us or our greed... And because our rights were literally stolen from us and given away to their people...  I can only say, you are a much better person so... Be humble... Be respectful and do not humiliate people. Yet if any one attempts to get you to keep your head down... I would like you to only think of yourself and others like yourself, do not worry about those who get caught up in the cross fire when you humiliate them and laugh it off. They love getting caught in the cross fire and getting offended, let them be. The human trafficking, the cheating, celebrating Pride after making it illegal where it was sacred... None of these things offend them and they do not mind stepping in front of people threatening our lives to get caught in the cross fire . So feel free.


These 3 tips are not very helpful, they will only get you into trouble because they do not want you to feel proud, thus they left places like India in shambles leaving us to pick up the pieces. They want you to feel shame because you are not as evil, as jealous and not competitive enough to cheat like they do... Thus you feel proud, light on your feet and you feel on top of the world while they sadly feel envious of you. Your effortless pride reminds them of their shame, reminding them of the ongoing war against terror, reminds them of how even when the system works almost exclusively for them... They simple cannot don your smile, and as you can imagine, this must be extremely frustrating and annoying for them. This is when things start to go wrong and they need you out of the picture for good... When you start to feel that your joyful nature is depressing people because they cannot have it, because it cannot be faked, it cannot be taken from us and given to their people like our LGBTQA rights and it cannot be bought. And when you start to feel like your joy will not be tolerated because it reminds people of how and why they are miserable. You know your in big trouble and it may already be too late to do anything about it. I would like to share these tips to help guide you through what you maybe unprepared for.


*Share your joy! Get others involved, it is infectious and it spreads. Do not keep the spot light on yourself, it needs to keep moving. If you are getting far too much attention, do something embarrassing and humiliating... As extreme as it may sound, try clear your nose using the sleeve of your shirt. It will make people laugh, it will disgust others and give them something good to talk about. If you are at a rave and people are flocking to you as if you are about to be chosen as the new Buddha... Try stepping aside and lying down on the dirty floor or spill a drink on your shirt and break away as you pass it onto some one more capable of holding such power, the best people are often special and when you honor them... It moves. The love, attention, admiration and any power you receive from people must flow freely and you must not hold onto it. You are divine and I suspect you already know or you maybe starting to become aware that you are a natural and you would instinctively know what to do when you feel overwhelmed... Yet just in case you are eager to learn even more... I would like to share this tip with you. When receiving overwhelming positive energy from a group of people, it would be wise to pass it onto some one who can hide it. We are taught in Mosques, Temples and Churches that the divine takes a certain shape or form and this can be used to our advantage. Use it to your advantage and lose it, I would recommend a local yet it must not be obvious exactly who you pass your energy onto.


* As an activist from the Maldives, my guess is that your first priority would be to establish a foothold before you feel confident enough to confront issues and make a stand. You want to keep your spirit, body and mind clear at all times as you prepare well in advance and as confusing it may seem, always be prepared for the worst and carry negative energy with you at all times... Energy you do not wish to pass on... Energy that you wish to destroy. Victory loves preparation.


To be continued








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