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The Great Divide: Blog post and photographs

February 23, 2020

The venue was perfect, we had a lovely crowd and although the performance did not go very well... It was very well received and concluded with boyish wolf whistling from the audience. It was a stunning display of art from world renowned and upcoming street artists like Dacarter Project, Jackdaw with Crowbar and Ala Jazayeri & Mina Azar


Themes like racism, sexism and LGBTQA rights took center stage and the art was a direct challenge to the worlds elite lawmakers in an effort to maintain status quo.


On a globe being torn apart by conflict, how we are being portrayed by mainstream news and the reality we experience do not appear to match and artists are producing work in protest. Here are some photographs from the art exhibition that went on from 28th September till the 28th October 2018. The month long exhibition also featured a night of live performances and an evening of popcorn and politics with filmmakers as well as panel discussions.






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