Art-culiar Presents No: 1

January 20, 2020


Due to an injury sustained at the barber, 'Eden Within: The Infiltration Prototype - V:3.0' has been cancelled. This show was meant to be the 3rd installment of the piece which was very well received and celebrated after a not so impressive debut at 'The Great Divide: Performance Art Assembly' in   Oxford.


'Eden Within: The Infiltration Prototype' aims to bridge the gap between the ordinary, the taboo and the forbidden in Orthodox Islamic culture. The 3rd update was meant to be showcased at 'Art-culiar presents: no: 1'. Art-culiar is Huddersfield's new art night opening on the 24th of this month, bringing you the weird, the wondeful, the queer and the bizarre world of art.


The spectacular line up for the first ever edition of Art-culiar is:


Anna Jacob


Gary Cook


Eden Within ( no show )

Frances Kay





Thank you ever so much to all the fans, art organizations and curators who have been extremely supportive and encouraging. In time, with modifications and enhancements to the costume, 'Eden Within : the Infiltration Prototype' could potentially be brought back to life. Fans who were excited to see the piece blossom and bloom must not be disappointed, as the show was cancelled to spare fans the grief of having to see a handicapped performance.






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