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The Fertile Wheel Of A Universal Circus

July 18, 2019

'The Fertile Wheel of a Universal Circus' brought to you by the 'Scaffold Gallery' is on this evening at Gullivers Manchester and will show case the 2nd installment of 'Eden Within : The Infiltration Prototype'.



Set in the bustling city of 'Madchester' known for dance venues such as the Hacienda, Gulliver's is a small and intimate venue playing up since 1865 while serving serving a selection of craft beers, wines, cocktails and spirits. 


The venue features the work of upcoming artists and presents the audience with the opportunity to enjoy a show the old fashioned way in a dimly lit room. 


Line up : 


The Vicars Daughter

Matt Girling

Pink and GrAy

Project Heroina

Josh Hoffman

Laura Hopkinson

Creeping Miasma

Hugh Stant

Taran (Thunder)

Laura Weaver

Eden Within


The third installment of 'Eden Within : The Infiltration Prototype' is currently in the making and will show case an updated costume with more Swarovski crystals and attention to detailing alongside other enhancements.


Stay tuned for more version updates!










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