Infiltration Prototype - Neo

November 11, 2018


Hannah Mary stood in the dressing room with her assistant and friend while Hector Ayala was downstairs waiting to go on next and the girls Jezella Pigot and Naomi Morris were trying their best to relax their nerves and keep warm for their performance. Hannah wore her chest bare and only wore white invisible lingerie that was a perfect match for the shade of pale white painted all over her.


She looked jaw dropping and I struggled not to stare at her shapely and full breasts that looked sculpted by a Roman artist, she was to go on stage after me and the way she carried herself as she applied more layers of paint over her smooth body, she exuded a sense of calm and confidence. The white paint covering her entire body including her hair did little to help calm my nerves and neither did the girls that were warming up to perform 'Loom', a beautifully presented production that explores the archetype of the witch that was to go on before me.


I feel uneasy, the entire journey that lead up to this moment was full of uncertainty. This was not the time to be thinking about the past because this was what I have been preparing for many years and I find myself at exactly the right place at the right time. Maybe not the right frame of mind because there has been an incredible amount of extremely powerful outside forces involved in making sure this project and ultimately the performance itself would go ahead. 


One such force is Neo / Neill Moore who wrote the music that was used to bring the elements together and synchronize with the powerful message the art needed to convey through a fusion of theater, dance and technology. The piece "Infiltration Prototype" by Neo came to the rescue just in time as it was recently released. Without this particular music, "Eden Within: Live performance" would have been a controversial spectacle at best. So when the opportunity presented itself and I only had a couple of weeks to bring the different elements together and choreograph a performance worthy of "The Great Divide" at OVADA, Oxford, a political art show challenging the status quo of the world's elite, finding the one piece of music that was to portray the message was still no easy task. The music went on to to be the main inspiration, feature and story telling element of the entire performance and although Neo was not part of the performance, he played an important part in bringing it to life.


I hear the sound of applause and I feel sick, I hear the name "eden within" over the microphone and I almost literally throw up even when I had starved myself the whole day and week to look razor thin. 


Hannah Mary can see I am struggling and she comes to me and whispers 'Take 6 deep breaths before you go on, my mentor taught me this and it has always helped' and I take a look in the mirror one last time and I am gone from the changing room. Little did I know that how I see myself from then on was going to change forever.


It was the perfect crowd, the place could not be any better and everything was aligned. I was a wreck and I am really hoping this does not show as I walk down the stairs into the warehouse past the side of the crowd and onto the stage.


I am trembling as I quickly place three orbs of light emitting diodes around me and make it to starting position and it begins, there is no going back. I lower my gaze before I lift my hands creating an upwards pointing triangle, the sacred crescent of Islam placed over my heart sparkling in cascades of rainbow color as I look up to peer through the triangle and into the room, aligning it as I catch some light from the dimly lit warehouse. This is not part of the performance, I was just making sure the triangle was aligned before the show began.


I turn the triangle upside down, now pointing Earthwards and placed over the navel while my gaze is lowered and eyes shut. The show begins.


The voice of an operator fills the room, sending a message.


"The human condition no longer applies to you, in fact, you already know, that you were made to serve a purpose"


The cyborg begins to breathe almost as if being remotely controlled and lifts it's head, it looks emotionless yet terrified. Eden Within: The Infiltration Prototype comes to life.


Infiltration Prototype by Neo is the ground breaking debut by Neo from the UK. The music creates a futuristic soundscape with world influences and tests the limits of one's imagination, strength, resilience and sense of purpose. It pushes the boundaries of what music today aims to achieve, the music presents itself as entertainment yet engages with your subconscious on a much deeper level and tells a thought provoking story.


I have had the chance of rubbing shoulders with Neo once and he exudes youthful charm and brilliant energy, think along the lines of a slightly more mature version of the kid in the terminator movie hacking the atm machine with an Atari handheld device and taking off on his motorbike with his buddy laughing in joy.


He is an attraction at the events and ceremonies where he performs such as Earth Dance which is a synchronized global prayer for peace combined with raising money for charity. You can directly connect with the artist himself on social media here : 




Or show your support by buying his music here:




You can listen to the entire track here:


















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