Maldivian Meditations : Desire number one

November 9, 2018

With an increase in demand for the limited edition prints of the "Maldivian Meditations: Desire" series, we notice some errors in the presentation and numbering of the entries onto the series. This is due to the fact that the series was inspired by a piece from the very first "Maldivian Meditations" collection which has now been moved and given it's due place as the very first entry of the "Desire" series.


To clarify and avoid further confusion moving forward, here are the entries and the artwork so far.


Maldivian Meditations: Desire (originally Maldivian Meditations: 17)

Maldivian Meditations: Desire 1

Maldivian Meditations: Desire 2


Each entry presents 9 limited edition prints and the availability are as follows:


Maldivian Meditations: Desire ( 6 prints available )

Maldivian Meditations: Desire 1 ( 7 prints available )

Maldivian Meditations: Desire 2 ( currently unavailable )





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