Eden within: Live performance version update

November 9, 2018

Following the extremely successful launch of Eden Within: Live performance at "The Great Divide" at OVADA, Oxford, a second installment of the performance is in the making. 


Keeping the story line of the debut which was presented as a gripping tale of a cyborg like being bearing the sacred crescent of Islam, the piece is to get it's own title rather than being called "Eden Within: Live performance", the second installment only aims to improve on the first one by adding more light emitting diodes and bringing in the experience from the first one that was very well received by the public. A separate and detailed blog post on the making process that lead up to a rather nerve wrecking debut of the piece, the driving forces, the music used and the artists that provided the inspiration as well as blessings for a performance that was critical is soon to follow. 


Daring to take Maldivian art places it has never been before and aiming to make a big difference, the photographs from the making of the performance are also set to appear along side the work of other artists/activists from the Middle East and Asia.


The selected photographs will be presented at an exhibition to be announced soon in Islamabad and will share the same platform with artists such as: 


Foad Alijani (Iran)

Imon Raza (India)

Pandora Yun Peng (China)

Sunaina Talreja (Pakistan) 

Rahman Hak Hagir (Afghanistan) 

Mohammad Ali Hawajri (Palestine)

Ehab Aziz (Egypt)

Joseph Ingking (Phillipines)

Hiromi Kawaj (Japan)

Vardit Goldner (Israel)


More details coming soon!







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