That DAMNED Show begins

October 26, 2018


For 2018, the astounding performance roster includes Satori Circus, Detroit Circus, Jade Ashekerra, Shadowe Feuer, Jennabelle Wingless, Stella Isis Rothe and Rocky Raquel.  Accompanying the performances, we are graced again with the mesmerizing live electric strings of Dixon’s Violin and the emotive soundscapes of Marcus Concernicus.




Thursday 10/25 – The Darkness

A night of introspective exploration within the shadowed and primal essence of self

07:00–   –   –VIP Preview w/Artist Reception, Absinthe Tasting and Chef Prepared Tapas

07:30Jennabelle Wingless“High Functioning” – The face we show other vs the one we feel inside

08:00Rocky Raquel“Cords” – The sacred contracts of twin flames create painful and virtually inseverable energetic ties.

08:30Detroit Circus“Rules of Submission” – A shibari inspired aerial performance.

09:00–   –   –Public Doors

09:30Shadowe Feuer“Pallet” – Finding and adopting colors from ones surroundings.

10:00Stella Isis Rothe“Out, Damned Spot” – A study, through dance, of Lady Macbeth “To bed, to bed! there’s knocking at the gate: come, come … give me your hand. What’s done cannot be undone.”

10:30Satori Circus“Assembly Required” – A butoh inspired movement piece dealing with the search for that perfect you…the unhappiness of who we truly are on the surface which overshadows the beauty that rests on the inside.

11:00Jade Ashekerra“The Ugly Truth” – Bearing the hate from the deed of another.

11:30Detroit Circus“Demons Lace” – Spectral acrobats perform enchantments casting aerial nets of demons lace.

12:00Satori Circus“Physical Question” – A butoh inspired movement piece regarding the constant questioning of what we are; who we are; where we’re going and how we feel that those answers are on the outside of us, when truly they are within.

Friday 10/26 – The Enlightenment

A night of the extrospective self enlightened through light, fire and the ethereal

07:00–   –   –VIP Gala w/B Nektar Mead Tasting and Internationally-inspired Tapas

07:30Jennabelle Wingless“Consequences” – We only have the choice of our actions and not how they will affect others.

08:00Rocky Raquel“Dharma” – Flow, balance, and joy attained through higher vibration and the medicine of movement.

08:30Detroit Circus“Corona” – This part of the sun’s atmosphere can only be seen during a total eclipse. The light which can only be found in darkness.

09:00–   –   –Public Doors

09:30Shadowe Feuer“Equilibrium” – An inquiry into personal form.

10:00Stella Isis Rothe“Vessel” – A conceptual ballet honoring the goddess of dance, Terpsichore, and exploring the ancient concept that artists are merely the vessel for something divine that moves through them.

10:30Satori Circus“Pushing Through” – A physical piece about the strength that you can find in yourself to push through any barricade, whether it be physical or mental.

11:00Jade Ashekerra“True Beauty” – Facing the blame and shame placed upon our shoulders.

11:30Detroit Circus“Corona” – This part of the sun’s atmosphere can only be seen during a total eclipse. The light which can only be found in darkness.

12:00Satori Circus“Silky Case Spun” – A butoh inspired movement piece delving into the cocoon that sometimes surrounds us, halting us from action, to maintain the course, showing up.

Saturday 10/27 – The Masquerade

A festive celebration through a menagerie of exotic cirque, sensuous sounds and masquerade

07:00VIP Doors for the Masquerade 13-dish Strolling Dinner prepared by on-site chefs with…


  • Ginger Devil whiskey sampling courtesy of Rusted Crow Spirits
  • Performance interludes from Jennabelle Wingless, Rocky Raquel, Stella Isis Rothe and Detroit Circus

09:00Public Doors for the formal mask-mandatory Masquerade Ball with…


  • Music ambiance provided by DJs Josh Burge and Slofu
  • Aerial and strolling performances w/Detroit Circus
  • Additional strolling performances w/Satori Circus, Lushes LaMoan, Jade, Shadowe, Blue Crow Talent and more TBD

12:00Atelier Gothique Ring Giveaway

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