Eden within was a devout feminist who contributed to the Islamic feminist movement and a character who was putting pressure on registered organisations to get things going. After several years of observation, creating photo art on the theme, contributing imagery to non government organisations for use on flyers promoting our cause, sharing and promoting feminist content on social media, eden eventually ran into trouble. 


From a very young age, eden was burdened with having to walk a difficult path and fought vehemently against inequality and injustice. Although previously a contributor for the Secular Democratic Madlives community and a contributor of art for the Maldivian LGBTQA community, eden's passion was working towards the empowerment of women within the Islamic community.  


Eden withins entry into the art world was marked by the 'Imagining Our Future Together' art exhibition organized by the world bank followed by the 'The Great Divide' at OVADA, Oxford after a very long hiatus many years later. The return to the art gallery was rushed after several years of study of the challenges we face when envisioning a common future.


While photographs from the making of 'Eden Within : The Infiltration Prototype' were on display in three cities across Pakistan and whilst photographs were acquired by the World Bank's permanent art collection eden is mainly known to produce limited edition prints.


Driven solely by a love for giant white gentlemen such as Mr. John Goodman and hypnotized by Hollywood movies and music, eden lived life to the fullest and fought alongside friends to usher in a new era. Funds raised by the sale of this prints will go towards establishing a stronghold. A sanctuary that is a living, breathing work of art drawing attention to our cause. This rare prints would make the perfect gift for those who have it all and would like to support the Islamic feminist movement.

Eden Within 2020 - 1

  • Only one to ever be  produced  & sold. Extremely rare limited edition print from a set of only 9 prints. Brought to life on Hahnemühle German Etching paper using Giclée printing. 10.0 x 9.9 inches.

    The print features the signature eden within flower and a butterfly hand drawn on the back as a mark of originality. This precious print is the only one of its kind in existence and would make the perfect gift for those with a passion for empowering women within the Muslim community.

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