853b6qouyv20g8gb4g027s8fyvqp7x Journal of Maldivian zen artist and activist eden within.

November 9, 2018

Following the extremely successful launch of Eden Within: Live performance at "The Great Divide" at OVADA, Oxford, a second installment of the performance is in the making. 

Keeping the story line of the debut which was presented as a gripping tale of a cyborg like...

October 1, 2018

1st act 7:10 Christopher Badger

2nd act - 0:00 Alice Floyd

3rd act - 0:00 Jezella Pigott & Naomi Morris

4th act - 0:00 Héctor Ayala

5th act - 0:00 Hannah Mary

6th act - 0:00 Eden Within

7th act - 0:00 Ala Jazayeri & Mina Azar

8th act - 9:20 Jackdaw with Crowbar


October 1, 2018

Find eden within performing live at "The Great Divide" : performance art assembly. Taking eden within's most ambitious work of art on stage for the very first time to tell a gripping story through drama, art and dance. A separate blog post on the performance itself, th...

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